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Every property should be protected from all kinds of risks of loss caused by damages and other disturbances. Insurance gives you peace of mind and confidence that your property is safe and secured. We offer different types of insurances to suit your needs and desires at budget-friendly prices.
Home Insurance:
We provide different kinds of insurance for your homes and you. We handle all the categories of home insurance tailored for you, your needs and requirements.
Buildings Insurance Cover:
Building insurance is critical and mandatory for mortgages, as many mortgage lenders won’t approve a mortgage until it is in place. In cases of structural damage, building insurance becomes the ‘safety net’ for you.
The building insurance covers the property structure and will cover you in cases of fire, water damage, collision damage, acts of vandalism, oil leakages, and explosions. We can help you to reduce the stress of having to worry when unforeseen events occur.
Contents Insurance Cover:
As much as it is essential to protect the building, it is not enough. It is equally important to keep the assets and contents of the home protected. A contents policy protects your valuables from theft and damage from fire and flood.
Contents insurance covers the cost of fixing or replacing your household furnishings and possessions like curtains, furniture, stereo, TV, electronic appliances, clothing, jewellery, toys, and sporting equipment. This insurance basically covers household items that belong to you. We ensure that all your belongings are fully insured and covered from accidental loss or damage.
Landlords Insurance:
Landlords’ insurance protects landlords from any risk connected to their rental property. As a landlord, the standard home insurance policies may not provide all the necessary coverings. Having landlord insurance is also essential if you have a buy-to-let mortgage for your property.
We provide comprehensive landlord insurance that covers property damage, lost rental income, and liability protection. Our landlord insurance covers all the common risks associated with renting out a property.
Life Cover:
Life insurance or life cover is a policy that protects your loved ones financially when you pass away. Life insurance policies allow your loved ones receive a cash sum to help them deal with money issues like bills and payments.
We offer the two main types of life insurance – term life insurance and whole life insurance at The Mortgage Brigade. We also give you the advice you need and answers to all your questions. With life insurance, you can help your family with everyday expenses.
Critical Illness Cover
Many times, the exorbitant costs of treating life-threatening illnesses are more than any plan will cover. This kind of insurance policy pays out cash to cover the areas where the standard health insurance falls short because of the medical costs incurred.
Critical illness insurance gives additional coverage for medical emergencies like stroke, heart attack, organ transplant, or cancer. We help you save money by giving you insurance plans that are affordable to reduce the financial burden.
Family Income Benefit
This is a special kind of life insurance policy. Rather than receiving a lump sum payout, your loved ones are paid a regular income for a period of time with this insurance policy. It could be challenging to manage a large lump sum of money after losing someone.
We provide budget-friendly family income benefit insurance for you and your loved ones. This insurance policy makes it easier for your loved ones to handle budgets and pay bills with ease.
Income Protection
This type of insurance policy allows you receive part of your income when you are unable to work. It pays up to 85% of your pre-tax income for a particular time when you cannot work because of disability reasons.
We provide income protection insurance that is tailored to suit your needs and budget. With this insurance policy, you can receive a regular income until you return to paid work or retire. We have a financial adviser that will guide you and give you the information you need to proceed.