Life Insurance for Mortgages

Property should be protected from all kinds of risks of loss caused by damage and other disturbances. Insurance gives you peace of mind and confidence that your property is safe and secure

Buildings Insurance

Protects the building itself,were you to pick up your house and tip it upside down, all the parts that remain in the property would be protected under building insurance. Alsousually covering garages, sheds and fences.

With buildings insurance you are protected in the event of:

  • fire, explosion, storms, floods, earthquakes.
  • theft, attempted theft and vandalism.
  • frozen and burst pipes.
  • fallen trees, lampposts, aerials or satellite dishes.
  • subsidence.
  • vehicle or aircraft collisions.

Should it be required, buildings insurance will cover the full cost of rebuilding your property.This type of insurance is mandatory and usually required by the mortgage lender so their interest in the property is protected.

Contents Insurance

Protects your possessions; both personal and within the home. Items that can be taken with you such as; bicycles would also be covered.

With contents insurance your possessions are protected in the event of:

  • fire, explosion, storms, floods, earthquakes.
  • theft.
  • other risks, such as accidental damage.*

*Accidental damage may require extra payment

Contents insurance is not required when taking out a mortgage, however it’s a good idea as you are covered should your contents be lost, stolen or damaged.

Landlords Insurance

Protects landlords from risk connected to their rental property. Standard home insurance policies may not adequately provide cover for landlords of rental properties. This type of insurance is essential if you have a buy-to-let mortgage for your property.

Our comprehensive landlord insurance covers lost rental income, property damage, and liability protection. All the common risks associated with renting out a property are also covered here.

We also offera range of insurance products for home owners at affordable prices.

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